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Top Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

The virtual conference is the only way to interact with multiple people at the same time nowadays. With quarantine measures around the world, it is not easy to get in touch with your family and friends or even attend the work meeting. This is when the Zoom video chatting app becomes on-demand. It quickly moved forward various tops and charts, leaving behind numerous well-known chatting services. Zoom meeting background helps you to make your conversation live and fun. Zoom offers you to choose the scenery for your video conference, which will be visible for others. This is the perfect way to show your creativity, sense of humor, and probably hide the mess at home so your parents wouldn’t notice. If you have specific preferences in mind, there may be a problem to find the gem in a pile of standard backgrounds. This is why we have created the list of atmospheric top Zoom backgrounds. The Office This is one of the most popular backgrounds for Zoom so far. And we understand why. What can be a better proof of your serious attitude and the desire to work really hard during the day than to appear in the iconic sitcom The Office in front of your boss? Like the main characters of this series were rarely seen away from their work, you can only highlight your intentions and working mood. And who can argue with that? Now the office is always with you, even at your home. The Shining This may be creepy one, but still easily recognizable and iconic. It is hard to imagine a more intense atmosphere than in a hallway from the movie Shining. It requires complete concentration. You stay aware and attentive to every detail. If your boss does not think that it is the appropriate background, just remind him that Jack was one of the workaholics who actually lived at work. Living Room from Simpsons This legendary view is a great option for family meetings. From the start, it provides a relaxing atmosphere which reminds you of your own home. And if your real home can be hardly visible from the amount of junk everywhere, follow Homer’s steps, just make sure there is a tiny clean spot in the room that will be visible to everyone while you are talking via Zoom, or simply enjoy the background with Homer’s living room. This scenery was released by Fox. Minecraft We don’t recommend picking this background in front of your boss and colleagues, as they may get jealous of you playing the popular game. But if you want to cheer up your friends, put this peaceful view behind you. Minecraft fans or not, the scenery looks so green and peaceful that everyone will like it. It calls you up to join the game and build something immediately. There are numerous variants of background from this game, pick the one that you enjoy the most. This is Fine The hilarious meme that represents the room on fire is a great metaphor for everything that is happening right now. While we all are trying to stay calm and sane in a weird and unfamiliar situation, it is ok to admit the problem. And the new background reflects your emotions. You may sip your coffee and talk to your friends and employers, while the house remains on fire. This is the best answer to the popular question nowadays “How are you?”. Star Trek Well, this is our favorite background here. In the office, we have a huge cardboard background with the captain’s bridge in the USS Enterprise as well. Just in case. Anyway, Star Trek’s Enterprise ship from the Next Generation is the place many of us want to be right now. Even though it is not always easy to be Captain James Tiberius Kirk, this is way better than sitting bored at home. Queen Do you want to join these rock legends? Who did not want to become the part of the group or at least sing Bohemian Rhapsody with them? It does not matter whether you have the talent to sing or not, we know what you are singing in the shower. Let’s concentrate on how you can make your friends envy you before it gets too weird. Besides, even those unfamiliar with Queen (do they even exist?) will be amazed by your appearance with three floating heads in the background. Animal Crossing New Horizons Hurry up! This game has been already banned in China. Get your background for Zoom until you can. Anyway, it may probably be not the best idea to arrange a video conference with your Chinese co-workers using the scenery from this lovely game. How to Add Background to Zoom It does not matter where you want to use the app, on your laptop or phone, you can still add the background. Before you do this, make sure you actually have all the backgrounds that you need on your device. You don’t have to limit yourself with only one. Desktop Version Open Zoom on your PC or Mac and pick the Setup in the corner of the app; Select the Virtual Background option in a side menu; If you want to use Zoom’s original backgrounds, you can click on the gallery; Those who have their own backgrounds can use the Plus sign, which will open the gallery on your computer. Choose the best view and add it to Zoom; Once you are at the meeting, simply choose the Arrow on the left of the Video icon. Select the Choose a Virtual Background option. Mobile Version You have to log in to an account on Zoom and join the meeting; Tap the three dots below the display; Pick the More menu; Choose the Virtual Background option there. Now you can pick one of the backgrounds Zoom offers or add your own. Zoom creators recommend using a strong Internet connection with their backgrounds. It is also crucial to have a good webcam. The background will be perfectly matched with a green screen. But if you don’t have one, that’s ok. The service will work anyway. Which Background to Choose? The choice of background in Zoom mainly depends on your current mood and people who you want to connect to. It may be inappropriate to be in a Batcave or Hogwarts castle while talking to your bosses. Make sure that your background does not offend anyone. If you are still worried about breaches in Zoom’s security, don’t put the background with your personal information and credit card numbers behind you. To be serious, millions of people trust their conversations to Zoom, and background simply makes everything better. Which one is your favorite Emma Rodriguez May 15, 2020

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