4 best simulation games for iPhone in June 2019


Our smartphones, especially those from Apple, have now become our playmates and are in effect game stations. The games are all downloadable from the well-known Apple App Store, and they are really many, divided into categories, popularity, price and so on and so forth. Many games, among other things, are either free or available in demo or lite versions (with reduced unlockable features for the price of the application). Among the various games available, the simulation games are much loved by users. These games allow you to carry out activities as they would in real life. So let’s analyze the best simulation games for iPhone.

The Sims and Plants Vs Zombie 2

The Sims is undoubtedly the most famous and widespread virtual life simulation game. We will be able to find this game in the App Store, where the FreePlay version will also be present. Although there is no need for presentations, this game allows you to perform different real-life activities: for example, taking care of pets, visiting neighbors, building and furnishing houses and much more. You can also choose a partner for your character, create a family and have children. Highly recommended to fans of the series.
Continuing, we have another popular game in the last period: Plants Vs Zombie 2. In this title, very similar to the first one, we will have to face enemies that belong to different eras. The enemies are nothing but zombies, which we will have to fight with an army of plants! Although the application is free, many people complain about the high price of the many add-ons, without which the gaming experience is very poor.

Plague Inc and Springfield

Although it is rather dated, I find it worthy of being named. I speak of Plague Inc., which consists of a mix of strategy and simulation, where we will control the spread of a deadly virus that we will have to extend to the whole world. This task will not be so simple: we will have to fight against the measures that men will take to stop the spread of the virus, adapting to all situations. There are more than fifty countries to hit with the virus. It is really a very realistic and well-made game for the iOs. Although for Android the title is free, for iOs the price is around 0.79? ($ 0.99).
Springfield is also an excellent simulation game, based on the famous “The Simpsons” series. What we will have to do is manage the entire Springfield, which was destroyed by a nuclear explosion caused unintentionally by Homer. Therefore, gaining profits from the various activities of the citizens, we will have the task of reconstructing all the buildings of the famous city designed by Matt Groening. Furthermore, we will be able to populate the city with the characters we have most learned to love, such as Homer, Bart and the other members of the Simpson family, Boe, Apu and many others!

Paradise Island and Tiny Farm

Paradise Island is another simulation game, in which we will have to govern an island, an ideal holiday destination. The aim of the game is to build buildings and tourist attractions, earning money and further expanding the area. In this way we will attract tourists from all over the world and our island will become famous! 
Changing typology of simulation games, another interesting game is Tiny Farm. Here we will be the owners of a farm and we will have to grow and raise our animals. We will take care of them at any time of the day, for example by feeding them, cuddling them and taking them to pasture.

Bridge Constructor and Clash of Clans

An interesting simulator is Bridge Constructor, which we will be able to find on the App Store at a price of $ 1.99, which corresponds to approximately our 1.69? This game will allow us to experiment with the construction of bridges, in various situations and with different materials, and also proposes the possibility of verifying the effective stability of the bridge that we have built. Nothing more fun! 
Finally, another video game that has depopulated without a shadow of doubt among smartphone owners is Clash Of Clans. In Clash of Clans we will be the leader of a barbarian tribe that has to deal with foreign threats. Excellent functionality, excellent gameplay and excellent multiplayer, it will steal time from those who are most passionate about it. We can find it as always on the App Store.

Never forget:

  • Before downloading the game, we check that the memory of our mobile is sufficient. Some games also require 3 GB of memory