How to create a game for iPhone

Today’s technology has made great strides and has significantly improved the lives of so many people in the world. With the introduction of smartphones in fact not only can you make calls and send messages but also access the internet and have fun with lots of games. In the following guide, therefore, it will be explained in a few simple steps, how to create a game for the iPhone.

Inquire about

The first thing to do is definitely to find out as much as possible about the possibility of creating games for iPhone or any other smartphone. Internet is full of manuals and tutorials on this topic.

Consult the programs

If you are a beginner you can take a look at Cocos2d, a program that will allow you to create new applications. You will find all the necessary information written in a language that is not too technical and therefore accessible even for those who are not experts. In addition to Cocos2d, even Corona (a paid site that you can try for free) will allow you to create music, maps, images and everything you need. To start, try to redo some old games like Tetris, Pac Man or Angry Birds and play around with an attractive and colorful graphic.

Have patience

If you are wondering how long it will take for the first game you have to take into account that with a couple of hours a day and a lot of good will in a month you will already see the first results. This is especially true if you have decided to create a game with Corona. With Cocos2d instead it will take a little more time. You will then have to arm me with a lot of patience before you can see your game over. Finally, we must not forget another software, called Construct2, which will allow you to create games easily and intuitively without knowing any codes or devices. Follow the guide in Italian and you will be able to create your first game in a few minutes. The games you will create are in HTML 5 and can therefore be supported by the browser from almost all devices on the market.
Using the right programs and becoming familiar, it will be possible to create wonderful games in no time at all. Helping with the suggestions of this guide you will know immediately how to do it and also in a short time, realizing your personalized game.

How to attract new Clan members in Clash of Clans


In this guide, we will meet all those who, once they have opened their own clan, do not know how to make it grow by attracting new members to it. For this reason, we will explain, step by step, how to act to try to create a close-knit clan and attract new members in the clan in the game Clash Of Clans. The operation is not difficult, let’s see how.

Solid user base

The first thing to do, after creating a clan, is to contact as many friends as possible and convince them to join the clan. The key thing is to create a solid base of clan members who play assiduously at the game. The initial group of clan members must be very united and work to spread the word about the existence of the clan. Friends who agree to join the clan, in turn, will have to contact other friends who play Clash of Clans and convince them to join the clan. As mentioned, it is very important that the first members of the clan are active players. This is necessary because otherwise the clan would only be a group of inactive people who will never grow in terms of competitiveness. The best clans of the game, not surprisingly, are a gift made up of very active players.

Description of the clan

The next step will be to write a good description of your Clan. Try to be clear and incisive by enclosing the main rules to be respected. Give a touch of originality by detaching yourself from the banal descriptions present in the vast majority of clans. An effective description will immediately jump to the eye of the good player. It will be your business card to recruit a large number of members! If you don’t know how to write a good description for your clan, you can search through the appropriate section for the strongest clans in the game and be inspired by their description. The strength of a clan is not given only by how many wars it wins, but also by how many players it manages to conquer thanks to the charisma of its description.

Global chat

Once you have settled your description we move on to the crucial point. The best way to try and recruit new members is to write in global chat. Even there ‘try to strike up a clear speech perhaps embellished with emoji that immediately jump to the eyes of players in search of clan. If you see that after 3/4 minutes you have written there are no requests, close the game and open it again. By doing this you will be placed in a new Global chat with new player where you will have to rewrite the previously entered message. Always repeat these steps. It can be long and tiring, but I can assure you that if you do it all the time, your clan will fill up. The more you recruit, the more visibility you will give to your Clan, the more members you recruit!

Clan Wars

Another shrewdness to be taken into consideration is that of making wars between clans solely and exclusively to win them. Recruiting new members after the beginnings may even seem simple, but finding good ones who plan to stay in your clan is much more difficult. The new members always give us a look and if they are lovers of wars they will decide accordingly whether or not to stay with you! Losing too many clan wars will lead the best clan members to abandon your clan to go to new shores. Furthermore, a clan who loses many wars does not attract too many new players and risks being left with the old members who are leaving and no new members who are going to fill up the ranks of the clan.

How to play Westworld


In this guide I’ll show you how to play Westworld. Westworld is a game for iPhone and Android mobile devices. You can download it to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone and tablet with their respective operating systems. It is a game inspired by the TV series of the same name. Westworld allows players to create, manage and design robotic hosts inspired by the series. It’s a simulation game where you have to assign the narratives to each host and make sure the guests are entertained. In this guide you’ll find everything you need to learn how to play and improve in this new and fun game.

Create as many hosts as you can

This is the first step in the guide to playing Westworld. First you should create as many hosts as you can. By doing this, you will never run out of coins during the course of the game. So I suggest you fill up your host area. Also remember to use them to level up for more success in the game. The most demanding guests at the Abernathy Ranch onwards expect you to have powerful hosts to entertain them. By entertaining them, they will reward you with lots of coins. So make sure you build new hosts when you can and keep using and upgrading them as much as you can.

Upgrade your buildings as much as you can

This is the second step in the guide to playing Westworld. Since coins are rarely scarce, you should always try to improve the buildings in your area. This way, you’ll get rewards through the Goal Menu. You’ll also get a wider variety of gadgets to entertain guests in your area. Buildings at the highest level may even provide green gems for interactions with hosts.

Focus on Sweetwater

This is the third step in the guide to playing Westworld. By playing Westworld for just an hour or two, you can quickly unlock most environments. Escaping to Escalante and exploring may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually a bit of a waste of time. Until you accumulate a decent number of three-star hosts (or more), you won’t be able to entertain any guests in these regions because it’s too challenging. I suggest you stay at Sweetwater at the beginning and bring your hosts to the highest level. Doing so will also update them, once you have accumulated a decent number, then you can finally face the new areas of the great world of Westworld.

Candy Crush Saga: how to unlock new levels


If you too cannot resist the temptation to take out a few candies in groups of three or more this is the guide for you. Candy Crush Saga is the online video game for mobile devices and Facebook developed by King. Com became a phenomenon that is enthralling the Internet world with “Sweets” and classic puzzles. The many players eager to continue playing commit themselves to unlock new levels and worlds and this guide aims to teach them how to continue playing for free and with simplicity.

Eliminate the candies

You have just entered the world of Candy Crush Saga from Facebook and you are eager to take out the sweets that you have heard so much about, in front of you there are levels to be faced with increasing difficulty and with various game modes. Get through all the obstacles and want to keep playing until you reach the last level before entering the new world.

Access the game

The first step is to access Facebook from a mobile device and on the menu bar at the top right you will find the Settings feature (marked by the three horizontal dashes), from here select the account setting option and go to the app section, from which you can access the configuration of the same. The level is very difficult, but you manage to overcome it and get ready for the new adventures that lie ahead and that seem so close, but you haven’t come to terms with the barrier that prevents you from proceeding unless you pay the “toll “asking your friends for help or paying with the precious gold bars. But there is a free and simple solution to overcome this problem and now we will see it: Look, between the list of your apps in connection with Facebook, Candy Crush Saga, select it and enter the app’s tab and select the “Remove” option, do not be afraid this operation does not delete the game from your mobile device, it cancels the progress facts, but only temporarily eliminates the connection of the game. Sweet games to all.

Ask for help from friends

This method is based on the fact that the “ask friends for help” feature is an exclusive consequence of the association of the game with fb, so we will act on this setting by disconnecting the game from Facebook and using a mobile device, such as your smartphone or your tablet, so if your kids ask you to borrow it you’ll know it’s for a good cause. Using it on a mobile device will allow you to go ahead by completing three quests, but you can only play in the number of one per day (24 H).

How to connect an iPad to the PS3

New technologies have completely revolutionized our lives. They have changed the way we communicate. But also that of enjoying our free time. How much time do you spend between iPhone, iPad and Play Station? Definitely a long, long time. The interesting thing is also to discover the ways of interaction between the different electronic devices. In this guide we will deal with this theme. By connecting two devices, the functions can be amplified and increased. In the short text below we will give you some useful advice on how to connect an IPad to the PS3.

Interconnecting the jewel of Apple with that of Sony, you can get a lot of new features. One of the most important is to be able to watch photographs and multimedia files on the big screen of your television. The PS3 connects to the TV. By connecting the iPad to the PS3 you can view photos and movies directly on the big screen. How much time do you spend between iPhone, iPad and Play Station? Definitely a long, long time. To connect an iPad to the PS3 first connect to the Store of your iPad. You have to search for the iMediaShare application, which is essential for the smooth running of the interconnection operation.

You only need one last step to connect your iPad to your PS3. After clicking on Network Settings, you will need to select the button in the photo opposite. The Media Server Connection string allows you to connect to the media server. Your two devices are now connected! Search for new content with the PS3. Enjoy the show to play all your photos and multimedia files directly on your TV screen.

Download the iMediaShare application and install it on your iPad. The operation is very simple and the graphics of the App are very intuitive. You should therefore have no problem. Furthermore iMediaShare is a totally free app. After starting iMediaShare, turn on your PS3 normally. Connect your PS3 and your iPad to the same internet network. Only in this way can you connect the two devices together. Now click on the Settings menu (in the English version Settings) of your Play Station. You can see the specific icon in the photo here beside. Then continue by clicking on Network Settings (in the English version Network Settings).