How to connect an iPad to the PS3

New technologies have completely revolutionized our lives. They have changed the way we communicate. But also that of enjoying our free time. How much time do you spend between iPhone, iPad and Play Station? Definitely a long, long time. The interesting thing is also to discover the ways of interaction between the different electronic devices. In this guide we will deal with this theme. By connecting two devices, the functions can be amplified and increased. In the short text below we will give you some useful advice on how to connect an IPad to the PS3.

Interconnecting the jewel of Apple with that of Sony, you can get a lot of new features. One of the most important is to be able to watch photographs and multimedia files on the big screen of your television. The PS3 connects to the TV. By connecting the iPad to the PS3 you can view photos and movies directly on the big screen. How much time do you spend between iPhone, iPad and Play Station? Definitely a long, long time. To connect an iPad to the PS3 first connect to the Store of your iPad. You have to search for the iMediaShare application, which is essential for the smooth running of the interconnection operation.

You only need one last step to connect your iPad to your PS3. After clicking on Network Settings, you will need to select the button in the photo opposite. The Media Server Connection string allows you to connect to the media server. Your two devices are now connected! Search for new content with the PS3. Enjoy the show to play all your photos and multimedia files directly on your TV screen.

Download the iMediaShare application and install it on your iPad. The operation is very simple and the graphics of the App are very intuitive. You should therefore have no problem. Furthermore iMediaShare is a totally free app. After starting iMediaShare, turn on your PS3 normally. Connect your PS3 and your iPad to the same internet network. Only in this way can you connect the two devices together. Now click on the Settings menu (in the English version Settings) of your Play Station. You can see the specific icon in the photo here beside. Then continue by clicking on Network Settings (in the English version Network Settings).