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5 Useful Apps For College Students In 2020

When it comes to student life, it has lots of things to remember for all your life, from parties to searching for your place in life. Studying is, of course, an integral part of what colleges provide. But communicating with teachers and fellow students is just as important. And in the XXI century, digital studying is just as important as the previous two. Almost every student has a smartphone now, and it would be unforgivable to make no use out of it.

The five apps we have prepared can be useful for studying as well as for other aspects of student life. They will help in studying, as well as in communicating, organizing your life, and learning to learn — as you will never get your learning done in the XXI century. These apps are also great for making the best use of your time.

Some of them are quite generic, useful for anyone. Others focus on education but enjoy reasonable popularity beyond college as well. So, here are our picks from all the variety of apps for students. And… We hope you didn’t expect us to start with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Great. You use your mind right.


Evernote app screenshot

And still, the first app on our list is almost as famous as those we intendedly ignore. Why do we decide to remind a student of Evernote? Because it’s one of the greatest cloud-based tools for organizing your data, your thoughts, notes, plans, ideas, and sharing them with others. Record lectures and save audio files. Handwrite theses quickly on your tablet or on paper and scan them later. Add texts, videos, reminders, pictures, and almost any stuff that’s useful. And access it from your tablet, phone, desktop, whatever.

Well, Microsoft OneNote can do almost the same, and, in addition, it’s integrated with Microsoft Office, and it’s free. But Evernote’s pro is its independence. You may use a Mac with Apple Works, or a Chromebook, or some version of Linux with OpenOffice — Evernote is here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy app screenshot

It’s one of the best online educational projects nowadays. The secret of Mr. Khan is simple: explain to be understood, remind to move further. That’s what Khan Academy does: it reminds us all the stuff we have been taught in high school, but inevitably forget when we specialize in something else. Videos and text lectures in Khan Academy are easy to search and even easier to understand. So if you feel like there are any basic gaps in your knowledge, Khan Academy is here to fix that.

Imagine the notes you should have taken at your school lessons, but forgot. Khan Academy got that covered. It’s now one of the grandest sources of school education for those who need it explained and understood.


Offtime app screenshot

Well, we couldn’t help mentioning Facebook and Instagram in the intro, and it’s a diagnosis: we are social media-dependent. Some of us are more resistant, but these networks are so attractive! Conscious control is the key, but it requires some assistance, at least in the beginning. Offtime is the app meant to help with that. As its developers say, its mission is to remind you that the beauty of the moment is here to enjoy it, not to make pictures. But probably you will more often use Offtime to disconnect from social media and live in the moment with your learning or social functions. Remember: it’s your device, not your owner.

It’s one of the apps we have characterized as useful not only for learning. Social media addiction is not the students’ problem, and organizing your time may be an issue even long after your college years. So get yourself armed and ready.


StudyBlue app screenshot

While you’re already a college student, hardly will you need all those services made for online education outside colleges. StudyBlue, though, is an exception we can recommend. It has enough tools for assisting real life education, like, say, quizzes, schedules, reminders, and — arguably the most useful — a flashcard manager.

With it, you can also access online lectures on any subject you experience difficulties with or, on the contrary, want to explore deeper than your college program suggests. As for sharing, your flashcards can also be shared to teachers or mates or to the next generation of students. Your predecessors have already done a great job with that, so you can just download a ready set of flashcards on virtually any subject.


SimpleMind app screenshot

Visualizing is a great method of organizing the information you keep in your memory. Well, you don’t have to master the mind palace technique to the extent that Sherlock Holmes or Hannibal Lecter can illustrate. But probably you don’t have to. There are great digital tools to keep your visualized memory once you create these schemes, and SimpleMind is one of these.

With it, you can draw your ideas, plans, schemes, projects as mind maps, connecting elements, assigning priority, sorting things out, and sorting them in as well. The page can be of any size it takes to fit the greatness of your idea or the level of detail you want to have included. Unlike other mind map apps, this one has almost no limitations. The app has some free layouts for your plans, plus you can create your own custom ones. You can even combine multiple templates within one page, and, due to collapsible branches, control its view. 

There’s Always More to Learn

Are these five apps enough for learning? Certainly, you will have to use way more in your learning. There are apps for calculations and spell checkers, virtual map collections and anatomical illustrations in 3D and even VR, instructions on programming and illustrations on psychology, and so on, ad infinitum.

But we intendedly decided to stick to the most generic apps that have the most basic and thus the most versatile functionality. In addition, your anatomy, law, or physics teacher is more aware of these specialized apps, while we focus on the overall learning process. 

What apps do you find the most useful for college studying? Drop some names we have missed. Share from your own experience. Offer better analogs if you know any. We’ll be grateful for your comments if you leave some.

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