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New iPhone Setup Made Easy with iOS 12

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular and flagship product of Apple. Everyone gets excited when they buy a new iPhone: better camera, longer battery life, enhanced performance, and whatnot. But when it’s time to transfer your data from the old to the new iPhone, you realize the process is not very easy. Your phone was not backed up for a few weeks, and you are out of iCloud storage. Sound terrible right?

Introducing a new tool for data migration

With its recent iOS 12.4 updates, Apple has made it easier to move information from an old to a new iPhone in simple steps. The new data migration tool allows you to transfer all data except applications, which download later via a Wi-Fi network after the initial setup process is finished. This feature has been available for Android users for quite some time now and finally been offered to iPhone users too. This update is pretty handy for folks who don’t have an iCloud backup recently. It’s similar to restoring a backup from iTunes but uses only your old iPhone and the process is pretty easier. So if you don’t have enough iCloud space, and want to migrate your data between the two devices without the involvement of any iCloud nonsense, this update is a very good option. Just to be clear, this is another easiest option if you don’t want to pay for more storage or you have not backed up your phone recently, iCloud backup is a fast method to set up a new iPhone.

Using the new iOS feature

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What you need to do

For the data transfer with this new method, make sure that your old and new factory reset iPhones are running iOS 12.4 or later. This version was released on July 2019. If you have bought your new iPhone after that, you can expect it comes preinstalled with iOS 12.4 or later and thus data migration from the new method is possible. You will also need to have access to a Wi-Fi network or USB3 Camera adapter and lightning cable for a wired transfer.

To ensure your new phone is running the latest iOS version, go to Settings > General > Software update. If your new phone is not running iOS 12.4 or higher, you can follow the setup process on the phone, but make sure the option to restore from backup source remains unselected. In its place, choose the “Don’t transfer apps and data” and skim through the remaining steps. Once you are on the home screen, update it to the latest iOS version and then select factory reset. It seems like a tedious process at first, but this will help you transfer all of your information from your older device.

We recommend following these steps because:

  • You are not performing iCloud backup and;
  • This is necessary for the data transfer process with the new iOS version.

What is transferred directly

When you finally set up your new iPhone, it will have everything from your old phone. Even your apps will be in the same position on the new home screen. Your old phone’s settings will be applied to the new one, even the photos, media, apps, email accounts will be copied. In short, everything is transferred.

How to use the new transfer tool

Once you have your phones with the latest iOS version, the new iPhone setup can be done wirelessly. You just need to hold your old phone near the new device, and the setup process will quickly start. You will also need to confirm your Apple ID and then follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter your existing iPhone passcode, to set up your Face ID or Touch ID on your new phone.
After you agree to Apple’s terms and conditions, the setup will offer you two options:

  • Transfer from iPhone;
  • Download from iCloud.

Select the first transfer option for the data transfer process. Make sure both phones are placed near each other for a faster migration process.

It’s time to take rest

Yes, after the transfer process has started, there is no need to perform further actions. Depending on your Wi-Fi speed and amount of data, migration may be quick or slow. You will also get an estimated time form the tool depending on your apps and photos.
While Wi-Fi is the default method for the transfer, wired data migration is also possible as highlighted earlier in this article. After this process is finished, the new phone will restart, and you will see everything from your previous phone there.

Perfect timing of the new tool

This new feature has been introduced at the perfect time. As September has already started and Apple is going to launch the new iPhone 11 on September 10. While we are just excited as you learn about the new upgrades and features, this new tool has ultimately eradicated the biggest possible issue of upgrading devices.

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