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Apex Legends Revenant Guide: Tips and Recommendations

Greet a new character in the new Season 4: Assimilation of Apex Legends! The newcomer is called Revenant, and it’s a perfect choice if you like to play in aggressive hit-and-run style. Here is a little guide on the most prominent Revenant’s abilities and features that may motivate you to give this class a try, and maybe stick to Revenant later. This character has some preferences in terms of pairing, so he won’t fit into any team. Also, there are weaknesses you may need to learn to deal with.

There are other innovations as well, like Sentinel sniper rifle, character buffs, a modified World’s Edge map, and some others. But we’ll only focus on those having something to do with Revenant. So, let’s start.


In the world of AL, Revenant is a soldier who used to be a human being, but now he is a mechanized synthetic simulacrum. Of all his human wishes, only one is dominant now, and it’s the revenge. While ex-bosses decided to place him into the Apex Games to make the most use of his incredible battle abilities, they considered him to help advertise the machine and make the game more spectacular.

With such a background, Revenant is a killing machine rather than the survivor type, so he is a great choice for those into attacking first. Of course, this also means that other teams will try to take you out as soon as possible. So try to cause as much damage to enemies as you can before that happens. It’s not the type for those who prefer to go looting somewhere afar and only join the fight when there’s nowhere to hide. It’s a character for teamwork where you are the hitman.


Apex Legends Revenant game screenshot

Like any character in Apex Legends, Revenant has special abilities we’re to review here.

Stalker is a passive ability that lets Revenant sneak to the targets more efficiently. He is great when it comes to climbing second stories, so it takes an Octane with the Launch Pad or a Pathfinder with Zipline or Grappling Hook to get to this high Revenant. From this height, Revenant can silently approach targets and attack while remaining unnoticed. Crouching mode affects the Revenant’s speed very little, so he crouches almost as fast as other legends walk. This ability is irreplaceable under heavy fire by enemies.

Silence is a tactical ability that requires a special device for disabling enemy abilities. Its effect lasts for ten seconds, and if you know when and how, it’s enough to take them out while paralyzed. Probably it’s the most impressive ability of the character, especially if used in close quarters, while enemies are affected, and allies remain immune to it. Along with disabling enemy abilities, it casts 10 damage to anyone within its effective radius. The effect is somehow similar to Slim by Octane, so it’s great when combined with actions like healing, aiming, shooting, or grenade throwing. To make aiming easier, you can hold down the button while using Silence, so you can better predict where it falls. Finally, the device is sticky, so you can place it, say, on walls and activate to affect the enemies around. 

Death Totem is the Ultimate Ability. If you use it, you get immortal for several seconds. The Totem, wherever you place it, is the place for your respawning if you get fatally damaged under this ability. Building the Totem takes several seconds as well, so get yourself safe while constructing. On the other hand, other players from your team can benefit from it as well, and they only need to contact it after it’s built. Under Death Totem, the character becomes a shadow that has no shields and takes health damage. After the resurrection, though, you restart with only 1 HP. The specifics of Death Totem also include its low horizontal but high vertical range, so it’s especially effective when positioned in multistore locations, like Train Yard, Epicenter, or Planet Harvester.

Some Tips for Playing as Revenant

While exploring what Revenant is capable of, you better remember that all the abilities of Revenant only make sense for close or mid-range combat. Not that you can’t use machine guns or pistols with him, but they won’t benefit from the bonuses. Sniper rifles as long-distance weapons are also far from perfect choice. In theory, you can try to get the enemy with a sniper rifle and, if you fail, use Death Totem to respawn, so they cannot reach you in the meanwhile. In fact, though, it looks too complicated a trick.

As for Silence, it seems the perfect start for any attack. The cooldown of it is 25 seconds, so you will have it recharged before the next attack. Its effect, though, may differ, varying on enemy characters and players’ experience. Some may panic when deprived of their abilities (especially Crypto, almost useless without them). But it’s only a preventing move. After applying Silence, you’ll have to use other attacks. In addition, if the enemy has already activated a skill, Silence doesn’t stop it. So, if you see the opponents activating their abilities, don’t rely on your own. Act aggressively, stay unnoticed, so you are the one who selects the moment.

It takes 90 seconds for Death Totem to recharge. But it makes sense only if you are ready to heal immediately after respawning with a Med Kit. And then attack again immediately, while Death Totem effects are still active. With them, you have about 30 seconds of protection, but if it wears out before the fight is over, you turn out helpless.

Given the attacking aggression immanent to Revenant, the best partners for you are Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Octane, and Wraith. You can also have positive effects when there is a Caustic or Wattson to protect your Death Totem with extra defenses, so you have time to heal.

Revenant's Weaknesses and Counter-Measures

The moment of weakness is when Revenant is at a distance from the enemy, allowing for no strong attack. Death Totem is more of a protection measure if you land at vertically oriented areas, like Epicenter and others, so try to drop at these and avoid large open plains. 

Your Experience and Impression

Have you already played Apex Legends as a Revenant? Did you like it? Were the recommendations helpful? Did you really stick to this attacking style or practiced other approaches? Leave a comment with your own impressions, and this guide will become even more useful with it.

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