Brawl Stars: winning strategies


Brawl stars is not a simple game. In order to win you need to know winning strategies, tricks and skills of the operators available. The brawlers are of 4 types: common, rare, epic and legendary. The brawlers all have special moves that we can use. With a lot of game, you can improve your skills.

Skills and strategies: common brawlers

First we start by talking about the common Brawlers, especially Shelly, which is the initial operator who can shoot wide-range bullets. It should also be remembered that each operator has a special ability. In this case, Shelly’s is to upgrade his bullets by destroying the grass and rocks that cover the maps. The second common character is Colt, armed with a pistol, firing projectiles from a great distance, but with a tight beam. As for the special ability, Colt increases the number of bullets fired in a unit of time, thus ensuring the breaking of blocks and grass on the maps. Brock, on the other hand, has a missile launcher that uses it to launch long distance rockets that do area damage. Its super consists in simultaneously throwing a certain amount of wide-range rockets so as to hit as many players as possible. Jessie, another common operator, shoots electric balls at enemies and in heist or showdown mode they can bounce off bombs on the map. Jessie, unlike the other operators, possesses a special skill adapted to defense situations, in fact it generates a turret that shoots enemies. Similar to the latter is also Nita, more suited to situations of defense or extreme attack, which with the super ability evokes a bear that attacks melee opponents. Nita however hits enemies only at small distances. Dynamike, on the other hand, has dynamites that he throws at enemies and can launch a bigger and more powerful explosive with the special ability. The last one, but not least, common brawlers are El Primo. A wrestler who hits enemies in melee with brute force. Thanks to his special move, El Primo throws himself on his enemies as if to crush them.

Skills and strategies: rare brawlers

There are four rare brawlers: Bull; Ricochet, Barley and Poco. Bull basically attacks like Shelly but with the special ability he is able to run over enemies running against him. Ricochet shoots projectiles from long distances and a narrow range that, however, manage to bounce off the blocks. This is why his “super” only boosts his shots. Barley throws bottles full of poison and “dirty” the map with poisonous pools that decrease the lives of the enemies if they pass over it. With the super move Barley does not throw a single bottle of poison but many more! Little, with his guitar, he plays wide-ranging melodies used to inflict serious damage on his enemies. As for the special ability, it is special because it heals itself and teammates.

Skills and strategies: epic brawlers

The epic brawlers are instead 3. The first is Mortis who with his speed shots manages to reach and hit enemies in no time. His super move makes bats appear to attack the opponent and also restore his life. Then there is Bo, a skilled archer who throws three arrows at a time at his opponents. The latter succeeds with his ability to leave scattered around the map of explosives that leave no escape for enemy brawlers. The new arrival in the game is Piper who with his sweetness and his umbrella shoots powerful shots capable of halving the lives of enemies. Its strength is being able to escape from the most difficult situations by being carried away by the wind with an umbrella.

Skills and strategies: legendary brawlers

Legendary brawlers are obviously the hardest to find and certainly the strongest. They are two: Spike and Crow. Spike is a living cactus that throws thorny balls. They explode when they touch the ground wounding enemies. Its peculiarity is to be able to escape from enemy attacks by slowing down opposing players thanks to the special ability. Finally we have Crow, a crow skilled knife thrower who poisons those who are hit. With the super he takes off and leaves both poisoned knives both at the start and at the landing.

Tips and strategies

After describing the characteristics of the operators present in Brawl Stars in detail, I leave you some tips on how to deal with the matches and so that you can level up faster. To be able to win in this game you first need to practice, in fact nobody can be skilled from the first game. With training and the advice I’m about to give you, everything will be easier. The first thing I recommend is speed. In this game, in fact, it is essential to be fast with movements and timely in aiming and attacking. To do this it is useful to activate the Joystick mode. To activate the mode just go to settings and move Joystick mode or Tap mode to the right or left. Another thing that many do not know is the possibility of being able to hide in the tall grass from any ” The number of stars or gems appears on the player’s head and you can steal them by making it out. To be able to win in the Bounty mode you must hold 10 gems for 16 seconds. Finally, a suggestion to ensure the victory in the game is to create strategies with your team. The number of stars or gems appears on the player’s head and you can steal them by making it out. To be able to win in the Bounty mode you must hold 10 gems for 16 seconds. Finally, a suggestion to ensure the victory in the game is to create strategies with your team.