Candy Crush Saga: how to unlock new levels


If you too cannot resist the temptation to take out a few candies in groups of three or more this is the guide for you. Candy Crush Saga is the online video game for mobile devices and Facebook developed by King. Com became a phenomenon that is enthralling the Internet world with “Sweets” and classic puzzles. The many players eager to continue playing commit themselves to unlock new levels and worlds and this guide aims to teach them how to continue playing for free and with simplicity.

Eliminate the candies

You have just entered the world of Candy Crush Saga from Facebook and you are eager to take out the sweets that you have heard so much about, in front of you there are levels to be faced with increasing difficulty and with various game modes. Get through all the obstacles and want to keep playing until you reach the last level before entering the new world.

Access the game

The first step is to access Facebook from a mobile device and on the menu bar at the top right you will find the Settings feature (marked by the three horizontal dashes), from here select the account setting option and go to the app section, from which you can access the configuration of the same. The level is very difficult, but you manage to overcome it and get ready for the new adventures that lie ahead and that seem so close, but you haven’t come to terms with the barrier that prevents you from proceeding unless you pay the “toll “asking your friends for help or paying with the precious gold bars. But there is a free and simple solution to overcome this problem and now we will see it: Look, between the list of your apps in connection with Facebook, Candy Crush Saga, select it and enter the app’s tab and select the “Remove” option, do not be afraid this operation does not delete the game from your mobile device, it cancels the progress facts, but only temporarily eliminates the connection of the game. Sweet games to all.

Ask for help from friends

This method is based on the fact that the “ask friends for help” feature is an exclusive consequence of the association of the game with fb, so we will act on this setting by disconnecting the game from Facebook and using a mobile device, such as your smartphone or your tablet, so if your kids ask you to borrow it you’ll know it’s for a good cause. Using it on a mobile device will allow you to go ahead by completing three quests, but you can only play in the number of one per day (24 H).