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Facebook is undoubtedly the most influential social project on the Web in the 2010s; sorry, Google, but Facebook has a better approach to us all, so we open up on its pages. It’s hard to find a person without a Facebook account now, and some even run several pages from under the main one. If you used Facebook with your browser previously, you wouldn’t see much difference. The app looks like the page, with functional elements mostly in the same places. There are some exclusive mobile features, like posting photos from your camera or attaching locations to statuses, but mostly it’s the same. On authorizing in the app, you get full access to your social network: to your friends’ statuses, to comments, videos, and photos they share, and new events in their lives to notify friends about. With this app, you can just read your feed, update your statuses, leave comments under other users’ posts, and so on. You can also join or leave groups, or create your own. The app has all it’s required for social activity. You can administer public pages connected to your private one, publish new statuses, photos, and comments, and even conduct an advertising campaign.  You can as well stream your live videos on your page and see who’s watching you, interacting as it goes. Of course, you can share your freshly made photos, videos and notes on Facebook just by tapping Share. As many third party services today accept Facebook login for their users, the app makes authentication for these services much easier. You just tap Facebook button to run the app, and then after confirming your account, it redirects you back. Then you don’t need to run it to reauthorize. The official Facebook app is free, and it’s supposed to be so forever; anyway, promo campaigns with it are paid as usual, and you’ll have to pay if you want your pages, groups or posts promoted. You can also support pages or groups you like by buying Stars and sending them to the pages. Some public pages offer exclusive content to subscribers supporting them financially, and if you’re into this, the app has all it takes. Vice versa, if you run a page with these features, the app has all the tools for administering our content. What the app lacks is Messenger and Gameroom. Though you get notified about private messages you receive and events in the games you play, you cannot read them from the core Facebook app. You’ll need to install the Messenger or Gameroom app. Alas, we can’t take it as something inevitable, as some third party apps combine all these features in one, with much smaller size. Okay, it’s the policy, not a bug, but third-party apps still remain an option.


  • The official app leaves nothing behind
  • All your settings preserved
  • All social activities supported
  • Commercial activity is available.


  • Third party apps may be better, lighter and more functional.
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