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Diana Beck
Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where a player must find a way to the creepy neighbor’s basement. It contains not only lots of puzzles, but the AI is very smart and capable of learning the player’s favorite routes. Do not be surprised if you see traps or cameras set all over the way while you were sure the way had been clear. Hello Neighbor is a game with multiple problems which hinder players from enjoying it.

Graphics 5/5

The graphics are the best side of Hello Neighbor. The colors are bright and the style of the game portrays the creepy atmosphere very well. Moreover, character design is also on top. The appearance of the neighbor gave us chills many times. The animation is smooth. There are countless items situated in the neighbor’s house, and they are drawn quite realistic. The only problem is that you cannot know which of them are interactive, so guessing is your only choice. The graphics work very convincingly with the sounds.

Controls 2/5

Controls are the place where Hello Neighbor hits the bottom for the first time. You won’t be given any tutorial, so it is a plain trial and error. Some buttons perform one action in one moment, and the other in the second moment. The unrealistic and sometimes very irritating physics worsens things, so it is not only the bad controls you have to fight against.

Lasting Appeal 1/5

Playing Hello Neighbor introduces players to so many problems that nobody will want to experience it again. Moreover, you have to pay for other episodes separately. The game has no solid plot and is based solely on horribly difficult puzzles. The only good thing is a creepy atmosphere but you can easily experience it anywhere else. It is very frustrating to play even if sometimes you get rewarded for exploring the labyrinth. Hello Neighbor has been in early access for months, and it seems nothing is going to change for the better.

Difficulty 5/5

The difficulty curve in this game is inadequate. Hello Neighbor does not explain to a new player anything. You will have to lurk through the forums or steam reviews if you dare to finish this game. In order to kill the boss, you need to have a double jump ability, but you can obtain it only in a specific location. And Hello Neighbor does not encourage a player to get there. It just does not give any clue at all.

As for puzzles, they are so unpleasantly hard and illogical that we could not help but feel irritated by the unpredictability of them. Moreover, it is so easy to fail countless times and get discouraged because the neighbor seems to know anything which is happening in the world.

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January 8, 2019
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