How to attract new Clan members in Clash of Clans


In this guide, we will meet all those who, once they have opened their own clan, do not know how to make it grow by attracting new members to it. For this reason, we will explain, step by step, how to act to try to create a close-knit clan and attract new members in the clan in the game Clash Of Clans. The operation is not difficult, let’s see how.

Solid user base

The first thing to do, after creating a clan, is to contact as many friends as possible and convince them to join the clan. The key thing is to create a solid base of clan members who play assiduously at the game. The initial group of clan members must be very united and work to spread the word about the existence of the clan. Friends who agree to join the clan, in turn, will have to contact other friends who play Clash of Clans and convince them to join the clan. As mentioned, it is very important that the first members of the clan are active players. This is necessary because otherwise the clan would only be a group of inactive people who will never grow in terms of competitiveness. The best clans of the game, not surprisingly, are a gift made up of very active players.

Description of the clan

The next step will be to write a good description of your Clan. Try to be clear and incisive by enclosing the main rules to be respected. Give a touch of originality by detaching yourself from the banal descriptions present in the vast majority of clans. An effective description will immediately jump to the eye of the good player. It will be your business card to recruit a large number of members! If you don’t know how to write a good description for your clan, you can search through the appropriate section for the strongest clans in the game and be inspired by their description. The strength of a clan is not given only by how many wars it wins, but also by how many players it manages to conquer thanks to the charisma of its description.

Global chat

Once you have settled your description we move on to the crucial point. The best way to try and recruit new members is to write in global chat. Even there ‘try to strike up a clear speech perhaps embellished with emoji that immediately jump to the eyes of players in search of clan. If you see that after 3/4 minutes you have written there are no requests, close the game and open it again. By doing this you will be placed in a new Global chat with new player where you will have to rewrite the previously entered message. Always repeat these steps. It can be long and tiring, but I can assure you that if you do it all the time, your clan will fill up. The more you recruit, the more visibility you will give to your Clan, the more members you recruit!

Clan Wars

Another shrewdness to be taken into consideration is that of making wars between clans solely and exclusively to win them. Recruiting new members after the beginnings may even seem simple, but finding good ones who plan to stay in your clan is much more difficult. The new members always give us a look and if they are lovers of wars they will decide accordingly whether or not to stay with you! Losing too many clan wars will lead the best clan members to abandon your clan to go to new shores. Furthermore, a clan who loses many wars does not attract too many new players and risks being left with the old members who are leaving and no new members who are going to fill up the ranks of the clan.