How to create a game for iPhone

Today’s technology has made great strides and has significantly improved the lives of so many people in the world. With the introduction of smartphones in fact not only can you make calls and send messages but also access the internet and have fun with lots of games. In the following guide, therefore, it will be explained in a few simple steps, how to create a game for the iPhone.

Inquire about

The first thing to do is definitely to find out as much as possible about the possibility of creating games for iPhone or any other smartphone. Internet is full of manuals and tutorials on this topic.

Consult the programs

If you are a beginner you can take a look at Cocos2d, a program that will allow you to create new applications. You will find all the necessary information written in a language that is not too technical and therefore accessible even for those who are not experts. In addition to Cocos2d, even Corona (a paid site that you can try for free) will allow you to create music, maps, images and everything you need. To start, try to redo some old games like Tetris, Pac Man or Angry Birds and play around with an attractive and colorful graphic.

Have patience

If you are wondering how long it will take for the first game you have to take into account that with a couple of hours a day and a lot of good will in a month you will already see the first results. This is especially true if you have decided to create a game with Corona. With Cocos2d instead it will take a little more time. You will then have to arm me with a lot of patience before you can see your game over. Finally, we must not forget another software, called Construct2, which will allow you to create games easily and intuitively without knowing any codes or devices. Follow the guide in Italian and you will be able to create your first game in a few minutes. The games you will create are in HTML 5 and can therefore be supported by the browser from almost all devices on the market.
Using the right programs and becoming familiar, it will be possible to create wonderful games in no time at all. Helping with the suggestions of this guide you will know immediately how to do it and also in a short time, realizing your personalized game.