How to download paid content with Cydia

Cydia is a program that is installed on the device after jailbreaking (ie after unlocking the Apple device). It gives the possibility to install contents rejected by Apple; future or non-original updates and without the limitations of the manufacturers. This software was developed for owners of Apple’s IOS and therefore it can benefit only those who have bought an iPhone, iPod, IPad, iPod Touch, etc. With this tutorial, you will have information on how to download applications and paid content using Cydia.

At the beginning, you have to open Cydia and run: manage, source, modify and add. In the bar that opens you must write “” and click on “add”. After the upload, “AppSync for iOS” is installed. Then, respring is requested, “Installous” is accepted and installed, at the end of which another respring must be made. At start-up the installation icon on appears in the device home. Now just search for the game or application you want to download by running the “search” option or checking the “install” catalog. Updates are available with the application itself. If you want to download another application you must click on “download” and then on the one available. Once downloaded, click on the application and on “install apk”. In doing so the game’s start icon is created in the home. You do not need to install more than 1 game at the same time, otherwise one of them will fail.

Paid content is, for example, the package to add coins on “Temple Run”; that is, extra components of games or applications, packages to unlock parts of a game, etc.. To download them you need to go to Cydia and search for “Iap Cracker” from the repository. At this point, you have to download the content and then the device restarts automatically. Then just go to any game and click on “purchase” and you get the extra content. If you are asked for the Apple id, you have to leave it alone; this means that the app is not compatible with the program.

There are many content and applications that are paid for on Cydia, but there are also many repo (ie repository = sources). They are often at odds with each other and make available for free what others have made and put up for sale. Just add more repo; below are the most popular ones: BigBoss, Modmyi, iF0rce. Com, ThemeItApp. The paid applications are the blue ones, instead of the free ones in white. These reports are subject to continuous mutations so that they can become inactive or not function properly at any time.