How to have endless coins on Hill Climb Racing


With time, our smartphones are becoming tools that we consider irreplaceable due to the many functions they implement. Every operating system has its own Store with lots of useful apps and thousands of games to spend some time without getting bored. When you have nothing to do or you are in the doctor’s waiting room for sure, use your smartphone to fight boredom. The types of game are very numerous but if you are a fan of arcade videogames or car racing Hill Climb Racing is the right game for you. Hill Climb Racing is a 2D racing game for mobile devices ( smartphones and tablets ) Android and computers. In this guide we will explain how to have endless coins on this particular game.


  • Smartphone with Android
  • Game Guardian
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • USB cable

Accumulate fuel

Here is the first step of the guide on how to get endless coins on Hill Climb Racing. During the progression in the various levels you can accumulate fuel that you will need to advance along the path. Be careful not to accelerate too fast to consume all the fuel. Moreover, during the journey, you will encounter gold coins that you will need to collect. Gold coins will allow you to purchase items and upgrades. You can then use the coins to improve your vehicle or even buy a new, more powerful one.

Install Game Guardian

Here is the second step of the guide on how to have endless coins on Hill Climb Racing. The first thing to do to have endless coins on Hill Climb Racing is to install on your device the application “Game Guardian”. This application is able, through low-level changes on some memory locations that are used for some data such as the life energy of a player or the number of ammunition, change these parameters in the game you are using. To use it you’ll need to have the phone with root privileges unlocked.

Insert the acquired coins

Here is the third step of the guide on how to get endless coins on Hill Climb Racing. Start “Game Guardian” and then open your game from your mobile device. As you can see on the top left the number of coins collected will be shown. If you haven’t collected one yet, start a game and collect a couple. Once you have accumulated some coins you can simply lower the Android curtain. Using the “Search” button of “Game Guardian” search for the value corresponding to the amount of coins acquired.

Increase the amount of coins collected

Here is the fourth step of the guide on how to get endless coins on Hill Climb Racing. After you have searched for the values ​​”Game Guardian” will show you the memory locations where the game stores the amount of coins collected. Modify this quantity with the “Edit” function and start a game to save the change made. When you collect other coins the set value will be stored.

Download Hill Climb Racing modified

Here is the fifth step of the guide on how to get endless coins on Hill Climb Racing. If you have it installed, delete the game from your mobile device. Then go to the PC and download the modified game application here. Put this app in your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable. Start and install the modified Hill Climb Racing game from the file manager or another similar program. Once you have started the game, you will see endless coins. You can buy the vehicles and all the accessories you want without seeing the coins climb.