How to play Westworld


In this guide I’ll show you how to play Westworld. Westworld is a game for iPhone and Android mobile devices. You can download it to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone and tablet with their respective operating systems. It is a game inspired by the TV series of the same name. Westworld allows players to create, manage and design robotic hosts inspired by the series. It’s a simulation game where you have to assign the narratives to each host and make sure the guests are entertained. In this guide you’ll find everything you need to learn how to play and improve in this new and fun game.

Create as many hosts as you can

This is the first step in the guide to playing Westworld. First you should create as many hosts as you can. By doing this, you will never run out of coins during the course of the game. So I suggest you fill up your host area. Also remember to use them to level up for more success in the game. The most demanding guests at the Abernathy Ranch onwards expect you to have powerful hosts to entertain them. By entertaining them, they will reward you with lots of coins. So make sure you build new hosts when you can and keep using and upgrading them as much as you can.

Upgrade your buildings as much as you can

This is the second step in the guide to playing Westworld. Since coins are rarely scarce, you should always try to improve the buildings in your area. This way, you’ll get rewards through the Goal Menu. You’ll also get a wider variety of gadgets to entertain guests in your area. Buildings at the highest level may even provide green gems for interactions with hosts.

Focus on Sweetwater

This is the third step in the guide to playing Westworld. By playing Westworld for just an hour or two, you can quickly unlock most environments. Escaping to Escalante and exploring may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually a bit of a waste of time. Until you accumulate a decent number of three-star hosts (or more), you won’t be able to entertain any guests in these regions because it’s too challenging. I suggest you stay at Sweetwater at the beginning and bring your hosts to the highest level. Doing so will also update them, once you have accumulated a decent number, then you can finally face the new areas of the great world of Westworld.