iPad: 6 stress-free games to help you relax

Very often our beloved iPad , as well as a work tool, also accompanies us as a means of “fun”, giving us the possibility, almost always and everywhere, thanks to its innate portability , to be able to spend moments of relaxation and fun, thanks to different games or apps on the store. You know, working a lot, then leads to needing to “pull the plug”, for this reason, we need apps or games to help us relax. Below we will see a brief list of some of the best games that will help us in our intent.

Zen sand

Zen sand, is a very relaxing game, with a little? of commitment and a certain amount of logic at the base. The aim of the game is to position the bamboo branches in such a way as to direct the flow of sand (Zen Sand, for that matter) and lead it into the vessels. Put like that, is it a bit? simplistic, but I guarantee you that relaxation is assured.

Splashy Dots

Splashy Dots, is a new and addictive puzzle game, and also includes some nice? Stickers? that you can use with iMessage. The aim of the game is to combine the various colored dots on the screen and get to the end point. But don’t take this game lightly; it’s anything but discounted! The levels available to you are really many and the minimal but neat graphics make it a delightful pastime.

Two Dots

Here we talk about a very successful game, a sort of “must have”. Is it a little pastime? more complex than those proposed so far, but will be able to capture your attention in a moment. The purpose of this game is to try to get the highest score, with the least number of moves. The eye-catching graphics and its complex? simplicity, make it suitable for everyone, even the most accustomed gamers. After all, a moment of detachment and relaxation is something everyone needs.

Help Beetle Home Classic

A game out of the ordinary, fun and relaxing. You will play the role of a beetle, a nice beetle, which must return to its den. Explained in this way, it does not seem anything special, but the appearance deceives, as this game, however simple and relaxed, requires a certain amount of reasoning and timing to help the unlucky beetle to go home.

Paper Toss

This game is the emblem of relaxation and? during work. It is no coincidence that the entire gaming experience at the start is set in an office, it is you, you will be an employee who will have to make a basket by throwing balls of paper into the waste basket. Even here, the appearance deceives, as you will have to deal with different levels of difficulty and will you have to calculate? Good your launches, based on a fan that will put the sticks in the wheels.

5+ (fiveplus)

If I say the word Tetris, I believe (and I hope) that you all know what I’m talking about. In my mind, as in that of many of you, I am sure, there are images, sounds and colors of a beautiful time that was. This beautiful play honors its famous ancestor with very minimal graphics, but with a very different gameplay. Instead of having to hurry to place the various bricks that fall relentlessly from the top, here you will simply have to? take the ones that will be offered to you gradually and drag them to the game screen. Also in this case, the appearance is misleading, in fact it is not at all simple with the progress of the game and I advise you to pay attention and reason about your moves.