Tile - Find and track your lost phone, wallet, keys, anything

Diana Beck
Tile - Find and track your lost phone, wallet, keys, anything
Tile - Find and track your lost phone, wallet, keys, anything

Losing things is probably the most annoying side of owning them. Even if you have just misplaced your keys within your room, it may cost you some time. The solution may be Tile Bluetooth trackers that can be connected to the things you are afraid to lose. It may be your keys, your headphones or a smart wallet. With this app on your phone (or a tablet, though it’s much less comfortable) you can have your Tiles make a sound in case you can’t find the item with a Tile attached. It can even track your things when they’re at a distance from you, as Tile trackers have rather a wide range, up to 300 ft, and a built-in speaker loud enough for you to hear it. So if it’s at its maximum distance, it really makes sense to use a map for tracking where you left it. The app’s interface is easy to learn. AS you open it, you’re offered to add a Tile. A device is recognized automatically, and then you can give it a name of the item you connect it to. To find it, you just need to tap a button. It works vice versa too: if your Tile has a button, you can push it to find your phone. Besides Tile trackers, the app supports third-party devices utilizing Tile technology. The list includes Bluetooth headphones by Bose and Skullcandy, wallets by Herschel and Fossil, keys by Bianca, KeySmart Pro organizers and Nomad accessories. There may be more of compatible devices later, as time goes. If you just try the app without actually owning a Tile, the app will offer you to buy one right from it. To activate the app, you need to authorize with your Facebook account or create a standalone Tile account with your email. One of the strange though useful features is seeing other Tile users in your neighborhood. And it turns out to be much more popular than some might expect. That means that if you lose some Tile beyond Bluetooth range, it can be detected by other Tile host device, and then you’ll be notified of that. That’s the reason you need to get connected constantly. Life is even easier when you use some home assistant like Apple Homepod or Amazon Alexa. The app receives commands from these assistants and activates your Tiles when you ask for that with your voice. You don’t even need your phone in your hands for this. Though the app for devices you purchased is supposed to be free, Tile app offers Tile Premium pack. It offers smart alerts if you leave one or more Tiled items at home, location history, discounted battery replacement, extended warranty on all your devices, and premium customer care.


  • Supports a long list of devices beyond Tile
  • Easy to add and search for trackers
  • Consumes little power
  • Free to use
  • Integrated with Siri and Alexa
  • Helps with finding lost things even if they’re far
  • Makes sense even if you have none of the trackers (as you can buy them from within the app).


  • Premium features are purchased separately even if you bought the devices.
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